Hey there! I’m Magi Fisher, and nothing motivates me more than business concepts and contracts over hot coffee with creators. 

Deep down we know that a long-lasting foundation is built on fundamental principles and practices, yet so many of us fail to give this less inspiring side of business our attention. That's where I come in! Ready to set up your own support system and feel more confident?

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For artist and lawyer, Magi Fisher, it made perfect sense to intertwine her wedding photography business with her enthusiasm for helping other entrepreneurs thrive. Driven by her passion to improve the arts industry for creative founders like herself, Magi completed Rutgers Law School while successfully continuing to grow her own artistic enterprise. With experience working for the prestigious Fox Rothschild law firm in addition to clerking for an appellate judge, Magi is a seasoned law professional who passed the esteemed bar exam in 2019. Having combined her love for law with her ardor for art, Magi is no stranger to business legalities and nurturing creativity. The Artists' Lawyer is the perfect marriage of her two passions and crafts.

"You will never be able to understand the confidence and safety I feel when I send THIS CONTRACT OUT."

got her CONFIDENCE back:



 "the way MAGI presents everything makes me genuinely excited about contracts!"



 "As a wedding planner, I know a good contract when I see one. SHE TRULY COVERED EVERYTHING. They are amazing and such an asset."



real results

- Laura Enever, Professional Surfer 

“Magi’s knowledge and involvement in so many different industries will give you the confidence, understanding and guidance you need to properly protect yourself in any situation. Working with Magi truly gave me the clarity and security I needed.”

- Rachel Ellen, Wedding Planner

“As a wedding planner, I know a good contract when I see one. I spent so much time pouring over vendor contracts for my clients making sure that everyone involved is protected. When I read Magi's contract, I felt a huge sigh of relief. While I have always felt confident in my contract, I knew that Magi had thought through everything and that all my bases were covered."

- Laura Murray, Photographer

“Magi Fisher's contracts are the best that I have ever seen. And the way she presents everything makes me genuinely excited about contracts! I now know that my business and my clients' interests will be protected for every imaginable scenario. Magi has crossed every ‘t’ and dotted every ‘i’. The contracts are easy to understand and – most importantly – will hold up in a court of law. This is an investment you MUST make in your business.”

- Deanna Harrison, Videographer

"Finally we have a clear and concise contract that provides the comprehensive protection our creative work requires! Magi Fisher's contract has given us the confidence to work through any question or issue that may arise. We feel so well protected. It perfectly covers our needs as a wedding industry vendor while balancing both the technicalities and subjectiviness that coincide with producing wedding films for our clients. It is a relief to now have a contract that will stand the test of time for our business!"

- Cassi Claire, Photographer

"This is hands down the most comprehensive contract I've ever seen! My previous contract is missing so many of these important clauses and clarifications, and I cannot wait to implement this new contract! Not only does it cover every single detail, it's clear and reads easily. I can actually understand every clause and why it's necessary! Magi has thought of everything, and you will feel completely protected.”

- Aly Ann, Wedding Planner

"5 Stars - Magi's Master Contract for Wedding Planners is extremely detailed, and provides a comprehensive overview of everything a well-versed industry professional needs to concern themselves with. Although the pandemic caused many of us to revisit our contracts, Magi's contract has built further confidence in our process and services, defining and managing expectations in a very clear and concise manner. Magi is a sweet, creative soul that I would highly recommend working with! She is well equipped to help you prepare for the foreseen challenges ahead".

- Erica Santoro, Florist

“Magi’s contract is extremely well thought out, professional, easy to understand and not convoluted with over wording. This contract is tailored specifically for your area of business. As a farmer-florist, there were protections included we didn’t even think of to add! She went above and beyond to include clauses regarding flower availability, pandemic and reschedules that made us feel confident for protecting our new business going forward. Magi was amazing to work with and well worth the investment. I wish I had selected this as our contract prior to purchasing others floating around on the web!”

- Lauren Fair, Photographer

“Magi’s contracts are incredible. They’re thoroughly researched, with more clauses of protection than any other contract I’ve ever seen! You’ll be able to confidently protect your business in any situation that could arise. Well worth the investment!”

- Chloe Leonard, Designer

“I was intimidated to invest and work with a lawyer, worried about not understanding what they would do for me, and getting all of my needs met as a business owner and an individual. But Magi was so attentive, thorough, and ready to hear exactly what I needed for my new contract and create that for me, AND made it easy to understand and was always there to answer any questions or thoughts I had. I'm so grateful I stumbled across Magi's work.” 

- Jessa Schifilliti, Photographer

"I am looking forward to implementing Magi's contracts into my workflow so that when an unthinkable situation arises, my client and I will have a clearly written agreement to know exactly how to proceed. I have had contracts in the past, but all seem to have holes in them, which have left me in vulnerable situations. Magi has taken the time to think of every possible scenario, which makes me feel secure in this current world climate."

- Andrea Locke, Fitness Trainer

“From brand identity, web design, and marketing, all the way to legal advice and liability waivers, Magi is SO knowledgeable and has been an invaluable resource for a growing entrepreneur here. Working with Magi has changed the way I envision my business dreams and helped me level up in this industry. I would truly be lost without her services. I feel confident in serving my clients because of her expert guidance."

- Tanya Menoni, Photographer

"Contracts have always been important for photographers, but I think the recent developments with COVID-19 and the postponements / cancellations of an entire season of weddings has shown that contracts are absolutely ESSENTIAL. I have used several different contract templates in the past, but I have never felt more confident than I do now after implementing Magi's contracts. Magi's contracts are the most thorough that I have come across. These are a must for every photographer!" 

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Join numerous entrepreneurs from our expanding creative community in seeking legal protection for artists, by an artist. 

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Setting up shop is stressful enough without the overwhelming legal obligations that can be hard to make sense of. What’s more, running a business without a firm foundation often leads to unnecessary insecurity. 

As an entrepreneur myself, I understand the importance of focus and flow when it comes to your creative energy. I also know how it feels as a legal professional to be confident in the core of your enterprise with each interaction. 

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