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Blurred black and white shot of Magi walking.

"Finally we have a clear and concise contract that provides the comprehensive protection our creative work requires! Magi Fisher's contract has given us the confidence to work through any question or issue that may arise. We feel so well protected. It perfectly covers our needs as a wedding industry vendor while balancing both the technicalities and subjectiviness that coincide with producing wedding films for our clients. It is a relief to now have a contract that will stand the test of time for our business!" - Deanna Harrison, Harrison Films

Blurred black and white shot of Magi walking.

“Magi’s contract is extremely well thought out, professional, easy to understand and not convoluted with over wording. This contract is tailored specifically for your area of business. As a farmer-florist, there were protections included we didn’t even think of to add! She went above and beyond to include clauses regarding flower availability, pandemic and reschedules that made us feel confident for protecting our new business going forward. Magi was amazing to work with and well worth the investment. I wish I had selected this as our contract prior to purchasing others floating around on the web!”

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