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East & Bay Law Group

Turn your business bedrock from shaky to steady with legitimate guidance that supports artistic expression. As a creative business owner and practicing lawyer with a decade of experience in the photography and legal fields, I provide holistic counsel and education for spirited founders like you and I. 

From virtual consultations to custom contracts, my mission is to prevent complex legalities from hindering your entrepreneurial dreams. Together, we’ll transform your uncertainty and confusion into clarity and confidence.

So, take a comfortable seat and brew a good cup of coffee, it’s time to awaken your potential with legal advice built to sustain your legacy and beyond. 


Popular Practice Areas

Template Customization

Work with our sister law firm to customize your contract template to fit your business for a flat rate.


Protect your company, brand mark, or intellectual property with done-for-you trademark filing. 

Custom Contracts

If you need a contract custom-drafted, ensure your document is protective, yet easy to understand.

Legal Consultations

Secure answers to your biggest legal questions in a 60-minute call with one of our licensed attorneys.

Contract Redlining

Presented with a contract to sign? Ensure your legal rights are protected with a thorough review.

IP Infringement

Has your trademark or copyright been violated? Don't wait to send a cease and desist, or take next steps.

1-1 Bespoke Legal Services

East + Bay Law Group believes that your creative pursuits should be protected, even when you’re not quite sure how to make that happen. Because sure...you could keep planning on another late-night Google search and crossing your fingers, hoping you did it right… but why would you want to? 

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