Ready-To-Go Templates And Tools For Fearless Founders

With contract blueprints and resources designed for creatives by a creative, your business bedrock will be legally sound in just a few simple steps!

The Artists' Lawyer

Top-Tier Contract Templates

Protect yourself and your clients–ensure the business you’ve worked hard to build is legally sound with my customizable, industry specific contracts and agreements. As a lawyer and a creative entrepreneur, I know from experience what your business needs (and I’ve thought of everything). These documents are simple and comprehensive. It’s time to breathe a sigh of relief and know that your contract has you covered no matter what.

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The Artists' Lawyers Templates + Tools Are:

Meticulous + Methodical

Crafted with a thorough understanding of both law and the creative fields, Magi’s contracts and business tools are a necessary framework for any artistic entrepreneur. 

Easily Customizable
Designed specifically for artists by an artist, these detailed blueprints can be customized to fit your business needs with just a few minor tweaks.

Clear + Simple
Free of confusing jargon and unnecessary legal language, Magi’s documents are straightforward and easy to follow for both you and your clients.

Include Lifetime Updates
No need to worry about legal documentation ever again. These agreements serve your business for life with access to the latest version whenever you need it. 

"Magi's contract templates and tools are incredibly thorough and in-depth. Hands down, these are THE BEST you can get your hands on."


"Not only does it cover every single detail, it's clear and reads easily. I can actually understand every clause and why it's necessary! Magi has thought of everything, and you will feel completely protected."


"I have never felt more confident than I do now after implementing Magi's contracts. Magi's contracts are the most thorough that I have come across."


Business Planning Tools & Guides

From worksheets and checklists to guides and email response bundles, these easy-to-use tools will save you valuable time because let’s be honest, researching trademarks and copyrights is stressful and exhausting. I know... I’ve done it! Pour your energy into the elements of your business that only YOU know how to do. Go forth and foster your creativity, fellow creative!

Why The Artists' Lawyer?

Because you and I both understand what it takes to be an artist.
The difference is, I passed the bar exam so you don't have to.

How many times I Googled legal advice before I became a lawyer.

Business owners who have invested in a foolproof foundation.

Secure Creatives that feel increased confidence using these contracts.

Times I’ve enlightened entrepreneurs through podcasts + public speaking.

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Tools + Takeaways For Making Business A Breeze.

With hundreds of resources claiming to improve your daily workflow, deciding on an appropriate application for your needs can be a daunting, and often costly task. Simplify the process (and your operation!) with my favorite tools and takeaways for creative entrepreneurs.

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