Do I need a contract?

If you’re running a business, taking on clients, and getting paid – yes.

Who wrote the contract templates?

All contract templates are written by Magdalena Kernan, a licensed attorney in the state of New Jersey. 

Does the contract work in my state, my country, or my language?

All contract templates are written with universal language that applies in all states. However, we recommend you consult with an attorney in your state to ensure you are compliant with individual state laws.

These contract templates are written in English and are not suitable for translation into other languages, nor are they drafted to comply with international law. Please do not purchase them if you are based in Canada or any other country than the United States.

Can I talk to you about modifying my contract and compliance with individual state laws?

It’s simple to modify the contract to fit your branding and business using the included contracts. In addition to a pdf document, each template features highlighted text for customization along with guiding comments on the side directly from Magi, no additional help necessary. We always recommend touching base with a local attorney in your state.

Magi is unable to chat with you individually unless you sign on as a legal client. 

Why should I trust these contract templates?

Great question! Here are a few reason why you should trust our contract templates:

All contract templates are written by Magdalena Kernan, a licensed attorney in the state of New Jersey. After drafting, the contracts undergo a process of peer review, ensuring they are thorough, protective, all inclusive (meaning no added clauses needed), and work in all 50 states.
Not only does Magi run a successful wedding photography studio so she understands your business, each contract is also reviewed and approved by industry specific professionals. 

Magi regularly reviews and updates her contract templates, ensuring they remain up-to-date with changing laws and industry best practices. You will get these updates for free, no annual license renewal required.

They’re easy to understand. Magi’s contracts are drafted so that you and your clients know exactly what you’re agreeing to, no legalese necessary.

Is a custom contract better?

It depends – but usually, no! For most creative business owners, these contract templates are more than sufficient to meet your needs, so invest those precious, limited resources (time, money, energy) somewhere else. However, there are some unique cases. For example, if you’re dealing with an elaborate, multi-day event that includes confidentiality, non-disclosure agreements, managing a large team, and specially negotiated rights to photos or videos or other assets, creating a custom contract will help ensure you and your team are fully protected.

How is the contract template delivered?

You will receive an email within minutes of purchase including a PDF attachment. In the PDF, you will find a link to your customizable Google doc along with instructions on how to use and implement it.

Copy the template to your Google Drive, modify it, and then download the document to your computer. You can then upload it to your preferred e-signing platform and start using it immediately!

You can always go back to the link in your PDF to view the most recent version of the contract template.

Can I share my contract template with colleagues, friends, or clients? How many times can I use it?

You may use this contract template as many times as you’d like within your own business. However, you may not share it with anyone else.

What is your refund policy?

Because you get instant access to the contract templates upon purchase and their digital nature, Magi Fisher enforces a no refund policy. Please direct all questions to shop@theartistslawyer.com before purchasing.

Have a question not answered here?

Email Magi directly at hello@theartistslawyer.com.

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