Free Templates for Entrepreneurs And Small Business Owners

Avoid Those Sticky Situations With These Ready-Made and Attorney-Approved Email Templates

‘The Email Swipe Copy’ was designed for entrepreneurs and small business owners to help navigate and overcome those sticky and often stressful situations in business.

• Are you sick of suffering with overdue payments but have no idea where you legally stand or what to say?

• Are you done dealing with copycat creatives and desperately need a ‘strongly worded’ and legally sound email that you could send? 

• Do you wish you could just have a toolkit of go-to email templates you can refer to when things get tough?

Then hello there! I've got you!

In this one-of-a-kind download...

... you’ll be given a tonne of email templates designed for the most common stressful, sticky (and let’s face it, soul-destroying) situations entrepreneurs face including:

• Late payment emails (and super late payments!)

• Requesting a pay increase or a price re-negotiation

• Challenging a copycat and copyright infringement 

• Breaking up with a client tactfully and sensitively

As well as a guideline of our top tips to set up your emails for success!

Let me tell you how this thing works…

All you need to do is hit the button above to get instant access to your email templates. Then scoot on over to your inbox and your ready-made templates should be ready and waiting to be copied and pasted for years to come! So, if you’re done with feeling confused and unclear when it comes to the legal entities of your business and constantly feeling stuck between a rock and a hard place then ‘The Email Swipe Copy’ is for you… and it’s totally, 100% FREE! I don’t want to see you struggle, friend. So, do us all a favor and sign up!

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