Graphic and Web Designer Contract

In a business like yours, communication is everything. Get ahead of the game and ensure that your client always knows what’s coming with your design project. From sketches, strategy sessions, and the final file delivery, keep your client in the loop about what they can expect from you (and protect yourself in the process). At the end of the day, your art is your art–and your clients should know they’re getting into when it comes to your style and process. This done-for-you contract couldn’t be easier to implement–it was designed for artists and creative professionals just like you.
How It Works

You’ll get instant access to this digital download as a PDF containing a link to a Google Doc, which you can copy or download and easily customize to suit your brand. In addition, you’ll receive attorney-approved instructions on how to put this contract into practice.

Clauses Included

Identification of Parties to the Contract
Project Scope and Deliverables
Deliverables Descriptions
Deliverables Fees
Payment Schedule
Project Delivery Date
Fee Guarantee
Total Fee
Hourly Fee of Additional Services
Hourly Fee of Modification
Retainer Fee as a Percent of the Total Fee
Payment Schedule
Late Fees
Project Scope
Description of what is Outside of the Project Scope
Project Schedule
Final Product Delivery
Third-Party Vendors and Cost
Amendments and Changes to Project
Cooperation of Parties
Schedule of Meetings
Client Responsibilities
Timeliness of Client
Client Participation
Final Proofreading
Accuracy and Legality of Information, Materials, and Claims of the Content
Client Property
Return of Property to Client
Kill Fee
Transfer of Copyright to Client
Portfolio Permission
Harassment and Safety
No Transfer
Staff of Designer
Website Credit
Website Security
Confidential Information
Independent Contractor
Cancellation by Client
Cancellation by Designer
Force Majeure
Termination of Agreement
Errors and Omissions
Limit of Liability
Venue and Choice of Law
Venue of Choice of Law
Entire Agreement
Governing Law
Signature Block

Noteworthy Features

–Instant access to your template in Google Doc format
–Free lifetime updates
–Simple, fill in the blank customization
–Access to a private Facebook Group for personalized support
–Detailed, easy instructions to implement your addendum: Just copy and paste as needed!
–Mumbo-jumbo free: Legal language you can actually understand.
–The most detailed, legal material on the market, tailor-made for your niche
–Peace of Mind Guarantee: Every template, document, and business tool was crafted by The Artists’ Lawyer: Magi Fisher, Esq., a licensed attorney and seasoned entrepreneur. Our offerings are tailored to your business and the unique needs of your industry. Long story short: We’d never sell anything we wouldn’t use ourselves (and depending on the template, there’s a good chance we have!).

Graphic and Web Designer Contract


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As a One Percent For the Planet member, The Artists' Lawyer stands for small business, creativity, AND environmentalism. Through our 1% for the Planet partnership, we give back 1% of all profits to environmental organizations. Our digital shop reflects our ethos: accessible, sustainable, and forward-thinking. Opting for our contract templates that are optimized for digital use isn't just a win for your business, it's a nod to environmental responsibility. Every choice counts and every action has impact, even something as (seemingly) small as your business contract.

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