What Sets The Artists’ Lawyer Apart From Other Lawyers Out There?

What Sets The Artists’ Lawyer Apart From Other Lawyers Out There?


You might be thinking, “Why would an artist need a lawyer?” And that’s not an unfair question. After all, your priority is about putting something creative and beautiful out there in the world for people to appreciate — maybe it’s photographs or illustrations, web designs or music. 

You don’t need legal representation for that…do you?

But the truth is that you’re not just an artist. You’re also a business owner and a professional. When you provide your creative work for customers, you could run into all kinds of miscommunications, liabilities and risks. So you always want to make sure you are protected and working towards a mutually agreeable client relationship.

Maybe you’re already aware of this. In fact, maybe you’re not the type of creative entrepreneur who is focused solely on your artistry and creations, because you have some overwhelming concerns and are already thinking proactively.

You’re focused on protecting what you’ve built and what you create — and it’s okay and normal if it stresses you out, sometimes so much so that it affects your ability to create. You’re not a legal expert, so how are you supposed to know what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong?


You Need a Lawyer Who Understands You as An Artist

Running an artistic and creative business is different from other entrepreneurial ventures, so it only makes sense that they need a different kind of legal expert. That was my concept from the start when I established The Artists’ Lawyer. 

And I know what some of you might be thinking. “Why can’t an artist just go with a regular lawyer? What separates The Artists’ Lawyer from other lawyers out there?” 

Don’t worry…I’m not offended. In fact, I think it’s a good question. After all, there are countless lawyers you could choose from. What makes me any different?

 First, let’s consider what a creative entrepreneur wants in a lawyer:

  •         An understanding of the arts as business: You want somebody who is more thorough, more proactive, and super detailed. You need someone who understands you, as an artist, and your niche industry-related and creative needs.


  •         Foresight as to what legal problems you might face in doing what you do: You want somebody who will help you create a contract that’s written as a guide to your client relationship and as a manual for how you operate. You want somebody who can help you sign off on policies and procedures in an organized and approachable manner that is still friendly towards your clients and fostering a healthy client relationship.


  •         Patience and understanding (because you’re NOT a lawyer): Finally, you need somebody who will strip away scary legal terms while still being proactive in protecting you and your business. You don’t want to feel intimidated because you don’t speak legalese — and a lawyer who works specifically with artists can help present everything in a way that’s easy to understand (without any kind of judgement or condescension).


All of these qualifications are going to ensure that your lawyer makes certain your creative business is protected and is operating ethically and responsibly.


I Understand Both Worlds — The Artistic AND the Legal 

As for me specifically? Well, I have my feet firmly planted in both the creative industry and the legal industry, so I understand both perspectives.

I’m an accomplished artist who owns and operates multiple creative businesses, so I get what you’re up against when you’re trying to do your thing as a photographer, stylist, designer, or other artistic and creative professional.

I practically grew up in the courtroom, you might say. My mom is a judge, and I was active on the mock trial team in high school. I studied political science in college, and when I moved on to law school, I focused on small business and intellectual property rights. I even worked as a summer associate and received a full-time offer with the esteemed Fox Rothschild – my dream firm to work at.

But more important than all of my experience is my philosophy — I believe that legal doesn’t have to be stressful or confusing. I know, I know…it can seem overwhelming to somebody who doesn’t know law that well. But that’s where I come in.

My goal is to help you feel comfortable with the legal side of things and recognize it for what it is: easeful, intentional, and calming. I’m here to make legal look and feel attractive and attainable.


Don’t Just Take My Word for It

I think the best people who can speak on the benefits of a specialty arts-focused lawyer are the artists themselves.

Here’s what a few of my past clients have to say:

Magi is an awe-inspiring lawyer and photographer. With just one call, she answered every single creative law question I had about my painting business, while breaking it down into terms I could understand. She even went further to address some questions I hadn’t thought of, and did extensive research to provide examples and links for reference. After our call, I’ve never felt more secure in the legality of my work, partnerships, copyright, etc. – and I will certainly come to her again for future questions.

Carly Long, White Poppy Studios 

I am so grateful to have found Magi! Her experience and knowledge of the wedding industry is priceless and so valuable for what was needed to create a strong and protective contract. She understands all angles and recommended so many new things to add to our contract. I now have the peace of mind that when I send out my contract, I know that it is protective not only for me, but also my client, and leaves no unanswered questions in the booking process…

—Amanda, Studio Imbue


It’s gratifying to hear that these and other creative entrepreneurs I’ve helped now have confidence in knowing the legal side of their work is covered. And that frees them up to focus on doing what they love — creating!


Interested in working together? Get in touch here! To learn more about Magi aka The Artists’ Lawyer, browse her site here!


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If we haven't met yet, hi! I'm Magi. I'm lawyer, educator, photographer, storyteller, traveler, and entrepreneur. My journey has taken her from photographing professional surfers while swimming in some of the world's most epic waves to receiving a Juris Doctorate from Rutgers Law.

If I'm not photographing a wedding with my husband, Scott, in a remote locale, managing our team of Associate Photographers, or providing legal counsel to creative business owners, then you can probably find me eating an açai bowl, chasing my pup, Arti, around the beach, or watching SVU reruns in our bungalow.

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