Get your hands on my tried and true Google Spreadsheet – I’ve been using and refining it for over five years! – that helps me run and track every single aspect of Magdalena Studios. This spreadsheet is designed to be a magnification tool, giving you a close look at the details, as well as a map, allowing you to pull back and see the big picture of your company. I know you have a million plates spinning at once; keep them spinning with ease using this indispensable admin tool.

This digital download comes as a PDF with a link to your customizable Google spreadsheet along with instructions on how to use and implement it.

Wedding Business Admin. Spreadsheet

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- Packages and Profit Calculator
- Important Passwords Storage 
- Equipment Tracking for Insurance
- Income Ratio Analysis and Charts

- Referral Source Tracking
- Quarterly and Yearly Goals
- Booking Trends
- And much more!

What's included

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