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Meet your new all-inclusive, iron-clad, wedding florist + floral design contract. This template is designed for top-tier wedding florist and is completely comprehensive – updated to include provisions for COVID-19. Whether you’re hometown-based or traveling to beautiful destinations, there are no additional clauses or addendums needed, and it is easily modifiable to fit each state with highlighted areas for quick changes! After months of research, I can confidently say this is the most protective contract on the market for wedding florists.

This digital download comes as a PDF with a link to your customizable Google doc along with instructions on how to use and implement it.

Wedding Florist Contract 

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- Changes to Services
- Travel Fees 
- Damage and Loss of Goods
- Market Value of Florals
- Floral Condition
- Client Communication 

- Limitations Due to Venue / Church Rules
- Design Style + Artistry
- Copyright of Designs
- Social Media Credit + Image Release
- Force Majeure 
- Cancellation and Rescheduling Policies

- Travel Warranty
- Reimbursement
- Right of Withdrawal
- Harassment and Safety 
- Weather Restrictions
- And much more!

What's included


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