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“Magi’s knowledge and involvement in so many different industries will give you the confidence, understanding and guidance you need to properly protect yourself in any situation. Working with Magi truly gave me the clarity and security I needed.” 

-Laura Enever, Professional Surfer

"With just one call, Magi answered every single creative law question I had about my painting business, while breaking it down into terms I could understand. She even went further to address some questions I hadn't thought of, and did extensive research to provide examples and links for reference. After our call, I've never felt more secure in the legality of my work, partnerships, copyright, etc. - and I will certainly come to her again for future questions."

-Carly Long, White Poppy Studios

"Magi was not only easy to work with, she was quick. I've always hesitated hiring a lawyer because I never found someone I could connect with and would understand my business and all the different aspects of it. Magi was knowledgeable about the open water and heated yoga aspects and clearly did her research on the parts she didn't know as well. The waiver and policies she wrote has made me feel supported in my daily business activities and for that I will be forever grateful. I will never hesitate again to bring in the professionals so that I can feel confident and secure while running my business."

-Itswell Paddle and Yoga


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