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Followed by pages and pages of confusing results, because in 2010 when I began making money from my photography business, starting out on your own was complicated.

Today, being a creative entrepreneur looks quite different, however, the truth remains the same no matter whether you’re just getting going or you’ve rebranded five times since your company was founded. And that truth is this, I believe most artists begin their journey the very same way I did; by searching, “how to start my own business” on Google.

The distinction is that for those confused by the particulars of business start-up, contract legalities, or even where to kick off navigating this new and exciting career choice, help is readily available in today’s creative community.

It started with a search engine query...

My mission as an artist and attorney is to provide honest and essential guidance for passionate pursuers. I believe in dreaming big. I believe that deep down there’s an artist in all of us. I also believe that despite the voice in your head telling you otherwise, there is room in this world for everyone to be creative. Most importantly, however, I believe that the difference between those who flourish and those who fail is a foolproof foundation and a willingness to uncover a deeper purpose.

Assisting artists in uncovering ambition and forging a business built to last.


“If it involves supporting other
 like-minded creatives, count me in.”

Mornings begin with coffee, afternoons combine business consultations with creativity, evenings are for puppy playtime, and the weekend brings newlyweds followed by well-earned rest! 

daily rituals:

On the phone discovering what motivates clients like you, educating creatives at every opportunity, soaking up the sunset, or making old fashions with my man! 


Seekers of inspiration, perfectionists at our craft, working hard for a living and loving (almost!) every single second of being an entrepreneur.


Big dreams, real conversation, the often forgotten details, and empowering spirited creatives to build a business they imagined and a life they love.


Hi there! I’m Magi (short for Magdalena) and in case it wasn’t already obvious, I just love chatting with other dream-chasers about business ownership, branding, organization, action plans, and sustainable workflows.

In my role as an entrepreneur I wear multiple hats. I’m a lawyer, educator, photographer, storyteller, and enthusiastic traveler. My journey has taken me from photographing professional surfers in action along some of the world's most incredible coastlines to receiving a Juris Doctorate from Rutgers Law. When I’m not capturing a wedding in a remote location, managing my team of Associate Photographers, or providing legal counsel to creative business owners like you, I’m probably eating an acai bowl, chasing my sweet pup around the beach, or watching SVU reruns in my New Jersey bungalow. 

When I first began The Artists' Lawyer, I hoped to generate a space that would help creative entrepreneurs achieve success with foundational business practices and legal resources. In addition, I wanted to share my favorite tools and takeaways from my own experience. Today, I love to include a touch of what continues to inspire my work and helps me personally juggle all those hats I mentioned earlier. Why? Because if it involves supporting other like-minded, creatives, count me in!

My self-indulgences involve adding to my ever expanding house plant collection (even though I can’t keep them all alive), booking plane tickets on a whim, Sunday morning snuggles with my husband, Scott, and our beloved fur-friend, Arti, and walking under the autumn-orange sun on the nearby beach. 



"If you truly pour your heart into what you believe in, even if it makes you vulnerable, amazing things can and will happen."

Strengthen your structure and the rest will follow.

Doubt in our ability as business owners usually occurs after we’ve figured out all the fun stuff, such as creating our own website and sharing a few posts on social. When the reality of it all sinks in, however, we start to wonder if what we’re doing is even right. With this hesitation our confidence diminishes and in turn, our creativity fades. But it doesn’t have to. What if I told you that together, we can restore faith in your foundation no matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey and with it, give voice and new meaning to your work? 

So you want a business you believe in, infinite creativity, abounding confidence, and the life you dreamed of? Think that’s too much to ask for? Think again!



Genuine stories, sincere outcomes: 


Unafraid to share her own experience in the hope of helping others, Magi speaks with candid ease about business strategy and legal hurdles. Bringing her unmistakable laid-back yet cheerfully infectious attitude to the stage or the airwaves (with perhaps a touch of sand in her hair from a recent beach adventure too!) Magi is effortlessly charismatic and leaves listeners longing to learn more. 


Joining you for your...

A boutique photography brand focused on capturing and preserving authentic stories, Magdalena Studios is Magi Fisher’s creative outlet and first solo business venture. With a growing team of talented photographers and creative assistants, Magdalena Studios has been capturing real life moments as they unfold from New Jersey to Europe, Hawaii to India, Charleston to the Caribbean, and everywhere in between since 2010. Inspired by the landscapes of far flung places and one-of-a-kind adventures, Magi and her like-minded team work seamlessly together to deliver signature style from start to finish.    

a creative team of storytellers


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